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Sunny Solutions is the CSRA’s only solution for all your automotive window film needs. Just give us a call today (803) 335-2517 and we’ll get you set up with an over the phone estimate for your vehicle. We only use the best of the best films to meet all of your needs!

Basic Film

Basic Five-Year

This is our most basic polyester film we offer, this film will get you looking cool with that classic smoked window look without breaking the bank. This film comes with the standard manufacturer warranty that guarantees the film will now peel, fade, turn purple anytime during the first five years or we’ll warranty it for free!

Lifetime Standard

Looking for something beyond just the basics? This is the film for you, our standard non-metalized lifetime film will keep your car’s windows looking great for as long as you own the vehicle. Since it doesn’t have any metal components this film will not interfere with any of your cell or GPS signals. As with all our films this is guaranteed to never fade, turn purple, or peel as long as you own the vehicle!
Standard Film
Premium Film

Premium Ceramic

This is the top of the line in all automotive window film, our High Performance Lifetime Ceramic line will keep your car’s style while blocking 70% of all solar energy. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to crack the windows now! Long lasting, metal-free, easy to maintain and guaranteed as long as you own the vehicle or it will be replaced!

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