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Sunny Solutions is the CSRA’s only solution for all your residential needs. Just give us a call today (803) 335-2517 and we’ll be right out to your house for a free estimate. We’ll work with you to find the best solution to all your needs.

Tinting my House?

Looking to protect your home while increasing your efficiency and savings with a minimal investment? Then window film is the best option for you. Homes in every climate benefit from having Window Tint throughout every season. Our residential films will also reduce the harmful effects from ultraviolet, reduce glare, increase privacy, and much more!

Reducing your yearly AC and Heating Costs

Windows let a lot of light in and keep your home bright, however during the summer time they also let in a lot of heat. Window Film can help reduce that by blocking the sun’s powerful solar energy and also your use of air conditioner during the hot summer time. Those huge windows let in a lot of heat during the summer but unfortunately it does the opposite during the winter months, this is where window film helps reduce the heat escaping through your windows during the cold.

Protecting your Investment

We invest a lot into our homes and interior. But do you want all that work to be lost to the sun as the years go by? Without window film the sun can take costly toll on your furniture, rugs, art, fabrics, and other items you so clearly cherish. With our 99% UV blocking film we can that damage to almost nothing. We also offer privacy films which can help reduce glare and keep others from viewing inside your house as easy as a fish bowl.

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